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  • Pyrmont Bridge Hotel, Darling Harbour
  • Lazybones, Marrickville
  • Street Market, Crows Nest
  • ...and other good music venues

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If you have felt, like so many others nowadays, the noticeable absence of something wonderful in your life, prepare to have that void filled. Filled with an honest performance that separates the haves from the have-nots and the men from the boys. This runs strong in The Mighty Bullfrog. It's easy, it's simple and it's called funk.

Funk, a small word, but when it hits - you feel a big change come over you. You feel light, happy, you can't keep still, you have to dance and express yourself, lose yourself to the rhythm in a semi-trance, almost hypnotized under funk's control. But it's not controlling, it's just existence, the overall feeling united with the universe and all things that exist now, have existed from ancient times and will exist in the future. Bullfrog perform music from the past, present and future leaving you feeling enriched yet regretful you only have one pair of ears.

The Mighty Bullfrog Influences:

  • James Brown / The J.B's / Maceo Parker
  • The Meters / New Orleans Funk & Blues
  • Sixites Funk & Soul / Sly and The Family Stone
  • Funkadelic / Parliament / Bootsy Collins
  • Seventies Soul / Etta James
  • Stax / Muscle Shoals / Motown
  • Chicago Blues / Junior Wells / Buddy Guy


The Mighty Bullfrog all love playing together and it shows. A pure synthesis of diverse backgrounds and decades in the Sydney music scene they come together to form a musical experience like no other.

All members of The Mighty Bullfrog have toured and performed in several other bands over the years, playing gigs up and down the east coast of Australia. In legendary venues such as Sydney University's Manning Bar, The Old Winsor Tavern, Bondi Winter Festival, Palais Newcastle, The Kirribilli Hotel, The Marlborough Hotel in Newtown, The Basement in Sydney, The Harbourside Brasserie, New Orleans Cafe in Crows Nest, Manly Jazz, Hawkesbury Jazz and Thredbo Jazz Festivals, Windsor Blues Festival, Kiama Inn, Darling Harbour festivals, to mention a few...

Bands they have played in include Slewfoot, Jackie Orszaczky, Zephyr Baby, Lapis Sky, Munjare, Bullfrog, Miles Road, The Shooters, The Slammers, B'Dussy, Leanne Paris, Chameleon, Paul Blasi's Bumping Uglies, Johnny Carr & The Contenders, The Funky Num Nums, Triple Shot FM, Project Blue, Soul Kitchen, The Hard Word, Ian Moss, The Expression, Dee Minor & The Dischords, Louis Tillett & The Aspersion Caste, The Young Lions, Ya Ya Choral, The Stains, Baird Souls, Fabulous Dribble, DaDa, David Weir and Friends, The John Wardle Summer Bash, Ramirez, The Flames, The Lansdowne Blues Band, Gestalt, Dirty Connection and The Meatles.

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Meet The Mighty Bullfrog

Jade Da Silva

Jade Da Silva (Cancer) on vocals, sings up a storm with a raunchy presence, powerful and captivating. Jade brings a long career in music and song to the forefront eversince being discovered in the sisters' choir in a remote mountain community of Northern NSW.


Tristan Fitzgerald

Tristan Fitzgerald (Leo) on guitar/vocals, is a unique guitarist exploring the soul side of funk. Tristan originally waited to be born until he was certain Jimi Hendrix was about to pass away, then began his career immediately taking up where Hendrix left off.


Dan Parise

Gerard Perrignon (Capricorn) on vocals and sax, brings a powerhouse of funk and sophistication to the group, writing soul music with a gritty edge. A self-made thousandaire, in some cultures what Gerard does is considered normal.


Dan Parise

Dan Parise (Gemini) on keys and vocals, provides the rumbling bed of soul and rhythm along with searing solos. Having survived the eighties as the third half of the supergroup "Wham", Dan is co-creator of his breakfast.


Tim Lumsdaine

Tim Lumsdaine (Cancer) on bass, is the funky bottom-end and groove man. Having played in several bands in the Sydney music scene, Tim has travelled the globe and once witnessed a puppy vommitting in Philadelphia.


James Eriksson

James Eriksson (Taurus) on drums and vocals, is the beat master of The Mighty Bullfrog. James was born at a very young age and is a man of mystery & power, whose power is exceeded only by his mystery.

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